Electric Bike

Swifty Electric Mountain Bike

Some people aren’t sure about e-bikes, and that’s okay! We have mountain bikes galore here at Dornoch Bike Hire but one of the main benefits we find for the e-bike is that it’s great for the beginner cyclist! That may not be you, but it could be someone in your group which means you could get to ride with them at a pace that suits you all. We love them for their versatility and let’s face it, sometimes its nice to slow the pedals down and relax, isn’t that one of the main joys with a holiday?

Below are just a few more reasons – not from us, from Explore! that show why an e-bike is a great addition to your holiday.

You can take on more varied terrains
E-bikes enable any cyclist, from complete novice to seasoned rider, to take on more challenging terrains than those they’d usually choose, from rolling vineyards to steep mountain climbs. Use the support of the bike’s built in motor to give you an extra boost – especially when going up hills.

And cover greater distances
With the support of an E-bike motor, you can go further and see more. You can easily cover 50+ km each day without breaking a sweat, travelling from traditional fishing villages through mountainous valleys or following long coastal paths to a buzzing city, all in the space of a day.

Cycle with someone more (or less) fit than you
If you’re part of a couple or friendship where one of you is much fitter than the other (and who isn’t?), the ability to hire an E-bike means you can take that trip together, and even keep the same pace or take on the same challenges. If you’re concerned about keeping up with a group, an E-bike enables you to pick up the speed when you need a boost, so you can easily keep pace.

You’ll still get a workout
While challenges are more achievable on an e-bike, you’re still moving – a lot! The motor is there to assist you, but the pedalling is still down to you. And, if you feel like working a little harder, you can turn the power down at any time.

Just enjoy the scenery
With an e-bike, you get all of the benefits of ‘pottering’ but without the loss of speed. You can easily cycle up to 15km per hour on an E-Bike without working flat out for it. Instead, you’re free to focus on the passing landscapes, villages and people

Now enjoy some posed pictures with the Dornoch backdrop!